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Grading is the process by which our students are assessed and awarded their Junior Kickboxing belts. We believe there is no better way to celebrate your child learning new skills, growing their confidence and showing us their dedication and discipline. For this reason we include the cost of all grading assessments and junior kickboxing belt awards (up to the level of brown-stripe) in our monthly membership fee. You are unlikely to find this at any other club or academy, but we believe in making martial arts as accessible as we can for the children and young people of our community.


There are 10 belts in our syllabus: white, yellow, green, blue, purple, orange, red, brown, brown-stripe and the extremely prestigious... black belt!


Our students are given the opportunity to earn their belts at the end of every 12 week term, with assessments taking place within our usual timetabled classes, up to the level of brown stripe. 


Students should be able to demonstrate the necessary techniques, as well as positive behaviours to earn their first, or next belt.

Save the date! The next grading awards will be presented in class from the 11th August 2024.

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